Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Painting the Colors of Springtime in Southern California

Over the past few weeks, I have had the privilege to paint lots of colorful paintings in the surrounding area here in Southern California.  The first location was the Flower Fields of Ranunculus in Carlsbad, CA..

"Smile"  8x10 Plein Air Pastel

"Color Ride"  8x16 Plein Air Pastel

My painting buddies, Terry d Chacon and Sandy Charlebois.

On Monday afternoon, a short drive from my home, in the local mountains, is the town of Oak Glen, and the Oak Glen Preserve at Los Rios Rancho.  In springtime they have beautiful feilds of California Poppies and Lupin in bloom, also their apple blossoms are blooming.  So much to paint....

"California Poppies & Lupin" 6x14 Plein Air Pastel.

"More Poppies and Lupin" 6x15 Plein Air Pastel

Finally today was still a colorful painting day, but something quite different.  In the city of Riverside at Fairmount Park, there is a large installation of huge 6 foot tall rubber balls, floating in the lake.  There are about 300 of these colorful floating painted balls in the water.  They were all painted by Riverside elementary school students.  It was interesting to paint all the colors of these balls, and their reflections in the water.  These colorful balls will only be here for a few more weeks.  

"Floating Colors" 8x16 Plein Air Pastel.

 I must say these last few weeks have been quite a dream for this pastel painter.  It has been fun using so many different colors in the landscape, which I usually don't get a chance to do. 
 So much color to paint this spring.  Still having fun living the dream of a Plein Air Painter.  Until next time.  

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