Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Bucket List trip to Italy

Last month, Oct. 15 to the 21st, 2014, I had the opportunity to travel to Italy with my good friend, Lilli Miles.  We took a 15 day land tour of the country, on a coach with 27 other great folks, who became fast  friends, and great travel companions.  For years I have wanted to see this beautiful country and all of the art, but had never been able to, so thus, this became a "bucket list" trip.  Because we traveled around the country from the south to the north, it was a busy sight seeing tour, but how else can one see so much in 15 days.  For this reason, I did not have much time to paint, however, I did take a little watercolor sketch book and a small travel size watercolor pallet, and did a few sketches, most happened in about 15 or 20 minutes, when I had a few moments in between events.  So  will include them in this blog, with a few photos from the trip.
We started and ended in Rome.

Here is the map of the Italy, I painted on the plane.  The cities we sent to were: Rome, Pompeii, Sorrento, Isle of Capri, Assisi, Venice, Bologna, Verona, Lake Maggiore, Florence, Cinque Terre, Siena and back to Rome.  (all in 13 days)  We were lucky we had arrived in Rome two days early, so we were ready for the the pace the trip required.

Fascinating Rome



Isle of Capri

Venice- Watercolor sketch.

Watercolor sketch - view of Venice.


Lake District, Lake Maggiore.  That's Switzerland in the far distance.
View from hotel room, the Duomo in the distance.

Watercolor sketch - Rooftops in Florence-

I'm back home, the trip was wonderful, but I have so much to paint here in this country also.  Next I will post my paintings from Zion National Park in the fall.  Just got back from Zion, but in the meantime, I am busy getting ready for the Open Studio Tour.  I will be one stop of three studio tours, with 6 artists displaying their work.  Please come by, and see all the great art, and get started on your Holiday shopping.

Hope to see you in December, come on by!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Best in Show Award - Enchanted Lands: Celebrating NM Public Lands

"Piedra Lumbre Morning" 11x14 Plein Air Pastel.
I was so honored to be awarded the Best in Show award for this painting, at the above named show with the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico.  The juror for this show was Richard Prather, an award winning artist and signature member with PAPNM, and OPA.  
Thank you also to the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico for this great show opportunity and the award.  The exhibition is at the Open Spaces Visitors Center Gallery, at 6500 Coors NW Albuquerque NM.  Open Tues. to Sunday Sep. 6 - Oct. 26, 2014.    


Friday, September 5, 2014

Painting in Beautiful Abiquiu, NM - I know why Georgia O'Keeffe loved These Vistas so much!!

Last week I painted in one of my favorite places, Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch,  New Mexico.  The time of year could not have been better, as the monsoons have left the desert a-blaze with wildflowers and green grass.  The contrast between the greenery and the red rocks are fabulous.  I was painting with Albert Handell with his paint-a-long Mentor-ship group.  It was a fun and creative week with six other artist from Colorado and New Mexico.  These are most of the paintings from that week.

"Piedra Lumbre Splendor" 7x18 Plein Air Pastel.

"Piedra Lumbre Again" 12x16 Plein air Pastel.

"Clouds Over Ghost Ranch" 12x16 Plein Air Pastel.

"Rim Lighting" 12x16 Plein Air Pastel.

"Abiquiu Morning" 11x14 Plein Air Pastel.
"Abiquiu Morning Clouds"  6x18 Plein Air Pastel.

"Red Rocks and Chamisa"  11x14 Plein Air Pastel.

"Albert's Inspiration"  12x16 Plein Air Pastel.

"Cottonwood" 12x16 Plein Air Pastel.

"Shadows of The Shinning Rocks" 14x14 Plein air Pastel.

Thanks for following my blog, I'd love to hear from you, and let me know what you think of my work.  Enjoy, until next time.   

Current Openings; Two Exhibitions:

I have paintings in the following two exhibitions, both opening soon.  If you are near either location, please stop in and see the show, both will be worth it.  Let me know what you think if you are able to go.

"Piedra Lumbre Morning"  11x14 Plein air Pastel.

"Diablo Canyon Morning" 11x14 plein air Pastel.

"Cliffs of the Back Bay"  11x14 Plein air Pastel.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Painting on beautiful Catalina Island once again

Last week I spent another magical four days painting with great artists and good friends in beautiful  Avalon, in Catalina Island.  Each year three other artist, Terry d Chacon, Nita Harper and Joan Coffey and I venture to this island for our fill of plein air painting, morning to night.  The light there is just magical, even if it is a foggy morning, which it can be at times in the summer.  This is my 7th year going there in August, and Terry and Joan's 9th.  We never seem to tire looking for new locations, and painting new scenes in familiar  locations.  Here are my paintings for this trip and a few photos of the fun.  Enjoy!!

Each year after we arrive we always stop here for a great Mexican meal and get ready for the painting adventures.

"Pebbly Beach Morning" 9x12 plein air Pastel.

"Early Morning Calm" 11x14 plein air pastel.

Morning painters!!

"Casino Shadows"  9x12 Plein Air Pastel

"Catalina Cactus"  7x12 Plein Air Pastel. 

Zipline Road" -  11x14 Plein Air Pastel.

My Painting buddies, Nita Harper, Joan Coffey, Terry Chacon, and our little golf cart.

"The Green Pier "  8x14 plein air pastel.

"Another Vista of the Green Pier"  7.5 x 16 Plein Air Pastel.

Great meals and beautiful views.
Good by beautiful Santa Catalina Island, until 
next year!!  It is always a fun time here in Avalon.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Point Lobos and Monterey, CA.

July 3rd to the 7th I spent another 5 days painting in one of my most favorite coastal areas of the country, Carmel and Monterey area.  Painting these coastal scenes are so much fun.  I also enjoyed painting with my painting friends from the Albert Handell mentoring group, including Albert and Jeannine.  In addition there  was also an opening at the Mountainsong Gallery, in Carmel by the Sea, from our Mentoring paint out last May.  You can  see my painting on the Mountainsong Gallery site on Amazon.com.  

My first painting of this trip,  was in a beautiful spot, looking through this arch.  I loved the shine on the water  and the beautiful sunlight, it was just perfect.  "Point Lobos Arch" 12x16 plein air pastel.  

My view this morning... Point Lobos.

Painting by the coast in the summertime means changing conditions quickly, such as one minute the sun is shinning on your view, and the next time you look up, the fog rolls in, and away goes the view.  

Here comes the fog bank, can you see it rolling in?
The view is all gone, you just have to sit down and wait for it to roll back out or just make it up.  I do better when I wait to see what is out there.
"Bird Rock Afternoon Vista" 12x16 plein air Pastel.
Rolling, Rolling, Rolling..... 10x21 plein air pastel.

"Piney Cove Vista" 12x16 Plein Air Pastel.

"Mustang Sally's View" 12x16 Plein Air Pastel.

Point Lobos Vista, 7x18 Plein Air Pastel.
"Carmel Beach Vista"  12x16 Plein Air Pastel.

"Dunes of Carmel Beach" 12x16 Plein Air Pastel.

"Carmel Beach Afternoon" 12x16 lein Air Pastel.

Thanks for following by blog.  Next weekend I will be teaching  a two day Pastel Workshop for Mountain Arts Network, in Lake Arrowhead, CA.  I'm sure it will be loads of fun.  Until next time.