Monday, August 3, 2015

Painting beautiful Santa Catalina, again....

"The three Amigas"  Me, Terry d Chacon and Nita Harper.  We all have so much fun painting together.  Catalina is always the highlight of our painting excursions.  I think this is my 7th or 8th year painting in Avalon with these ladies.  It is always a great time of painting and discovering this lovely island.  It is such a great escape in the summertime to get away from the heat of the mainland.

The first painting after getting of the boat and settling in our condo. 

Pebbely Beach Morning"  one of our favorite spots. The only issue here is that it is near the helicopter landing area.  In the past the small helicopters that land are not a problem, but this time, a Sheriff helicopter flew in and when landing, it blew away some of our gear.  I did manage to hold onto my pastel box, but our hats and other things that were not inside our packs blew down the beach.  Oh well, the fun of plein air painting.   

"Eucalyptus Grove of Mt Ada"  this is one of my favorite spots.  The eucalyptus grove is old and it overlooks Avalon.  

"There was a Crocked House"  Seems like everything was a little off in this painting.  Oh well, sometimes the paintings work, and other times they don't.  

"Colors of Avalon"

"Beach and taco stand on the pier"

"Moon Over Avalon"  night painting is always one of the fun things we do here in Catalina. 

This is our little golf cart that comes with the condo we stay in.  It has liberated us while on the island to go anywhere we want to paint.   

Good by beautiful Santa Catalina, until next year....

Friday, July 17, 2015

Plein Air Santa Fe 2015

On June 6 to the 13, I was honored to participate in the Juried Plein Air Santa Fe Festival.  After leaving beautiful Monument Valley, my friend Nita Harper and I drove to Santa Fe, for the week long event.   The paint out is coordinated though the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico.  There were about 50 artists from all over the US  participating in this fun event.  During the week we painted in and around the greater Santa Fe area.   At the end, there was an exhibition of the paintings at InArt Gallery, in Santa Fe, however one can still see the paintings on the website of PAPNM.  The exhibition is now down, but my paintings are available to you through Purple Sage Gallery in Albuquerque, NM, or from me personally.  

"Piedra Lumbre Morning" - 12x16 Plein Air Pastel-
Available through Purple Sage Gallery.

"Morning on Monistary Rd" 11x14 Plein Air Paste.
Available through Purple Sage Gallery.
"Early Morning Ghost Ranch Vista"  11x14 Plein Air Pastel.

"Red Rocks, II"  8x10 Plein Air Pastel-
Available through Purple Sage Gallery.

"More Piedra Lumbre" - 11x14 Plein Air Pastel.

"Sunset at The Opera"  9x12 Plein Air Pastel.

SOLD - Sunset over Santa Fe - 12x16 Plein Air Pastel.

The last day of the paint out was the "Quick Draw"  which was along the road by the Arroyo park area in Santa Fe.  The Quick draw was from 9 am to 11 am.  During that time, we had rain for about the first hour of the event, but everyone did complete their paintings.  This is my way of keeping dry out of the rain, which worked.  Below is the painting I completed during the quick draw.

"Dodging Raindrops" 8x16 Plein Air Pastel.
Painting available through Purple Sage Gallery.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Painting Beautiful Monument Valley

A Monument Valley selfie.

June 1 to the 4th, my two painting buddies and I had four wonderful days painting the scenes of Monument Valley, AZ.  The weather was great, and a little windy in the afternoons, but we all got great paintings.  

Morning Vista, Monument Valley - 11x14 Plein Air Pastel.

Gouldings Vista-12x16 plein air pastel.

My Favorite Scene- Monument Valley 11x14 plein air pastel.

9x12- plein air pastel.

Morning Beauty-Monument Valley - 6x18 plein air pastel.

Afternoon Splendor-Monument Valley - 6x18 plein air pastel.

Here I am painting at my favorite spot in Monument Valley, June 2015.  I truly love painting in this beautiful area of Arizona and Utah. 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fine Art Connoisseur

I am proud to have a full page add in the April 2015 issue.


In other news, I had a nice day painting with Laguna Plein Air Painters Association, at the beautiful Irvine Regional Park.  Here is my painting done that morning.  After the morning of painting, we all got together to share our paintings and for a nice picnic hosted by LAPAPA..

Irvine Park Morning - 9x12 plein air pastel.  

Monday, March 23, 2015

Indian Canyon - Palm Springs

Last month, I had the great opportunity to paint with Albert Handell in the beautiful Indian Canyons, in Palm Springs, CA.  The beautiful old palm trees in this canyon offered a good chance to work on my painting skills of these particular trees.  I always learn so much when I am with Albert in one of his mentoring workshops.  It is also a great time to paint with other pastel painters, and to enjoy the time with everyone for a week.  The following paintings are from this week.

"One Palm"  12x16 Plein air Pastel

"Five Palms" 12x16- Plein Air Pastel.

"More Palms"  12x16 Plein Air Pastel.

"Palms and Bolders"  11x14 Plein Air Pastel

"Lion King Rock"  11x14 Plein Air Pastel.

Thanks folks, until next time.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Winter in Taos and Santa Fe ....2015.

"Santa Fe winter snow"  12x16 plein air pastel.

At the end of January I took  a wonderful trip to Taos, NM with my good friend Nita Harper.  We were hosted by our friend and artists Peggy Immel and her husband who live in Taos.  We were so luckie to get there the day before a snowstorm.  So the next day while it was still snowing, we were able to paint from Peggy's garage, then from the front porch of one of her neighbors.  It was a very cold day for us who live in the land of sunshine, but it was a great opportunity to paint in the snow, even though it was about 15 degrees.  Such a fun time, thank you Peggy!!

"Morning snowfall"  11x14 plein air pastel

"Taos Winter View"  12x16 plein air pastel

"Winter Shadows along the Rio Grand"  12x16 plein air pastel.

"Along the Rio Grand"  8x15 plein air pastel.

"Late snow shadows"  6x8 plein air pastel.

Well, winter is over in Southern California, as it was in the 90's today, but painting snow was a great exercise with other colors and different scenes.  Until next time.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

2015 and time to post what I have been up to...

 March 2015 where did the time go, and I have not posted anything on my Blog.  Bad Me!!   Sorry folks, however, I have been painting, so I will try and catch you up in a few new posts...

Last fall,I spent a few great days painting in Zion National Park,  painting with my good friend, Terry d Chacon.  We stayed with my brother and sister-in-law, in Rockville, UT., they have such beautiful views from their home...  Some of these paintings were done from the back yard.  Thanks again  Bob & Karen Ford!!

"The Watchman in Fall" 9x12 Plein Air Pastel

"The Organ & Pulpit" 14x11- Plein Air Pastel

"Zion Morning Vista" 12x16 Plein Air Pastel

"Bob's View 1" 12x16 Plein Air Pastel.

"Bob's View, 2"  13x19 Plein Air Pastel.

"Zion Fall Afternoon"  12x16 plein air pastel.

"By the River" 9x12 plein air pastel.

"Bryce Morning"  7x18 plein air pastel.
I had lot's of fun painting fall colors in Zion, next, to paint Winter....  See my next post in a few days.