Thursday, March 17, 2016

10th Borrego Springs Plein Air Invitational

On Febuary 28th to March 5 - 2016, I was honored to be one of the 15 artists to participate in the Borrego Springs Plein Air Invitational.  Because I had never been to Anza Borrego State Park, it was truly a new experience.  I was blessed with a wonderful host to stay with, and brand new landsape to experience painting.  The Borrego  Art Institute was the host for this great event, and I must say they do a wonderful job of hosting and displaying the art.  Each day we would bring in the paintings for that day, and they would hang them on our wall.  So in five days of painting, I completed 12 plein air painting that are currently on display at the Art Institute, until 3/31/16.  These are the paintings;

These are the 15 participating artists.
Here I am at my wall during the last day reception/Gala.  I was very happy to have the two red dots show up during the eveing.
8x24 Plein Air Pastel 

Cactus 6x12 - Plein Air Pastel - SOLD 

12x16 Plein Air Pastel

11x14 Plein Air Pastel

Blooming Cactus - 12x9 Plein Air Pastel -SOLD
Indian Head - 9x12 Plein Air Pastel

Center Circle Vista - 8x19 Plein Air Pastel

Desert Morning Shadows - 8x26 - 8x25 Plein Air Pastel

Rams Hill Splendor - 12x9 Plein Air Pastel

Rocks and Palo Verde - 5x7 Plein Air Pastel

Rams Hill Early Morning colors  8x10 Plein Air Pastel

After the plein air event was over, my friend Terry d Chacon came to Borrego, and we painted for another day.  We went out and found this feild that was finally in bloom.  And notice the rainbow in the sky.  I did not include the rainbow in my painting, but the morning was beautiful  Shourtly after we finished this painting, the wind kicked up and we were glad we had painted fast.  

Desert Bloom - 8x16 plein air pastel

Borrego Springs Morning Vista - 6x12 Plein Air Pastel

It was truly a fun experience participainting in my first Plein Air Invitational.  If you are anywhere in the area, the paintings are still on view, at the Borrego Art Institute, in Borrego Springs, CA until March 31, 2016.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Women Artists of the West - 45th Annual National Exhibition - Tucson, AZ

What a wonderful time I had at the opening of this beautiful exhibition, at the Tucson Desert Art Museum.  The WAOW women really showed their talent, and the Museum was beautiful and welcoming.  I am proud to be a part of this wonderful organization of women from all over the country.  Over the weekend it was so much fun meeting old friends and making new ones.  My friend and artists, Barbara Parish drove there with me, and we enjoyed the time together.  

I was so surprised and honored when I walked into the gallery to find that my painting, Palms II had a beautiful award, "Best Pastel" , also to my right is my other painting juried into the show.  

"Sabino Morning" 9x12 plein air pastel.
During the weekend, there were a number of events planned.  One was to paint in the beautiful Sabino Canyon Recreational Area.  These are my two paintings I did the moring we went.  Such a beautiful place.  I do love to paint these cactus!!

"Sabino Guardians" 12x9 plein air Pastel.
My second painting of the morning, in Sabino Canyon.

One of the other events they had planned is to visit La Rienda Stables and ranch. They had a hurd of cattle, that they used for the cowboys to come and practice their ropeing.  Wow, so much fun to see this event.  I took loads of photos.  Who knows, maybe I'll start painting cowboys again!!  

I don't know if you can see this little cattle dog working.  He would run after the cattle, and send them into the pen on the other side of the corral.  He was great, I really loved seeing him at work.  Wish I had gotten better closeup photos, but had to share this!!  
Thank you cowboys and to La Rienda Stables for allowing us to take photos and enjoy the ranch.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Ft. Bragg and Mendocino painting week - So much fun!

August 10 to 15, 2015 I spent a fun week painting in the Ft. Bragg and Mendocino area painting with good friends, and attending the Mentoring program with the great Albert Handell.  I always grow when I attend these mentor-ships, as Albert knows where I need to improve, and pushes me in those directions.  

My friend Maryann McGraw and I arrived in Ft. Bragg two days before the mentor-ship started, for a couple of days to paint.  This is the first location we painted at, which is a beach that is visible from the Lodge we were staying at.  

The Noyo River and fishing village that was next to where we were staying.  One of the views we had from our room, from the Harbor Light Lodge.  

My good friend and artist, Maryann and I, enjoying our painting time together.  

My first painting before the mentor-ship.  Rocks of the jettie on the Noyo River.

One of the vistas I painted with fog rolling in and out.  

Early Morning Splash - 12x16 Plein Air pastel.

Albert started the week with a oil painting demonstration in the studio at the hotel.  Makes we want to paint in oils again. 

After the demo we painted in one of Albert's favorite spots, where old ceder trees surround a little intimate area overlooking the ocean.  Just a magical spot.  My view from inside the grove.  

Russian Gulch Vista - 12x16 plein Air Pastel

Russian Gulch Foggie Vista - 

Noyo River fishing village and the view from the room.

Maryann and I decided to paint a nocturne of the vista from our room.  This was my interpretation of the view.  

View from the room after dark of the fishing village.  As you can see, we had to start at dusk to get some of the feeling of the view from the room, but after dark you can see the lights and reflections in the water.  

Lighthouse Vista, 1

Lighthouse vista II

Lighthouse vista III

Lighthouse Vista IV

Entrance to the Noyo River 

Rocks again 

My very last painting of the week, done at Hukehandle Park.  I was standing close to the edge of a high cliff, and towards the end, the wind started to get strong, and I had to hang onto my gear and painting to compete the painting.  

Monday, August 3, 2015

Painting beautiful Santa Catalina, again....

"The three Amigas"  Me, Terry d Chacon and Nita Harper.  We all have so much fun painting together.  Catalina is always the highlight of our painting excursions.  I think this is my 7th or 8th year painting in Avalon with these ladies.  It is always a great time of painting and discovering this lovely island.  It is such a great escape in the summertime to get away from the heat of the mainland.

The first painting after getting of the boat and settling in our condo. 

Pebbely Beach Morning"  one of our favorite spots. The only issue here is that it is near the helicopter landing area.  In the past the small helicopters that land are not a problem, but this time, a Sheriff helicopter flew in and when landing, it blew away some of our gear.  I did manage to hold onto my pastel box, but our hats and other things that were not inside our packs blew down the beach.  Oh well, the fun of plein air painting.   

"Eucalyptus Grove of Mt Ada"  this is one of my favorite spots.  The eucalyptus grove is old and it overlooks Avalon.  

"There was a Crocked House"  Seems like everything was a little off in this painting.  Oh well, sometimes the paintings work, and other times they don't.  

"Colors of Avalon"

"Beach and taco stand on the pier"

"Moon Over Avalon"  night painting is always one of the fun things we do here in Catalina. 

This is our little golf cart that comes with the condo we stay in.  It has liberated us while on the island to go anywhere we want to paint.   

Good by beautiful Santa Catalina, until next year....